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Multiclient studies

Cost-effective solutions for accessing key market figures

Marketscope design and undertake research projects in high potential sectors in Romania, profiling market dynamics and summarising key findings into “off the shelf” reports made available to interested customers at a relatively low price.

Typical multiclient studies usually provide key insights on a chosen sector / market such as market size and structure, competition environment and major players, brief customer behaviour, trends & forecasts, along with an overview of related markets (demand drivers, etc.).

“Off the Shelf” Reports

Most recent multiclient studies available for purchasing

Please view / download teasers of the currently available multiclient studies to learn more on content, price and how to order. Reports are currently available in English only, but can be translated into Romanian upon request.

  Reports launched in 2016-2017

Marketscope is continuously designing new multiclient sector studies on key industries in Romania and South-Eastern Europe. The new reports launched in 2016-2017 are:

  • Energy Market Overview in South-Eastern Europe 2017
  • Agriculture Sector in Romania 2017

    Reports launched in December 2009

Marketscope has elaborated in year 2009 a multiclient sector study focused on the constructions & building materials sector in Romania (first edition was published in May 2009, with the current edition being updated in December 2009).

The results of the research can pe purchased as full report (analysis of the Romanian construction sector and profiling of more than 15 building materials markets and segments), or as “market reports” (available for the major markets analyzed).

  • Constructions & Building Materials – Romania 2010 (full report)
  • Cement, Concrete & Aggregates – Romania 2010
  • Wall Building Materials – Romania 2010
  • Building Adhesives – Romania 2010
  • Insulating Systems – Romania 2010
  • Paints, Plasters & Other Wall Finishing Materials – Romania 2010

      Reports launched in April 2007

  • Automotive sector studies (vehicle air conditioning systems and parts, minibuses and  temperature controlled transportation markets)