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Market Research

Reliable data and insights through advanced interviewing and analytical techniques

Our experienced staff design most adequate fieldwork methodologies and turn gathered data into insightful information to support you make wise business decisions and successfully implement marketing strategies. Qualitative and quantitative data is carefully translated into easy-to-understand text and graphics, providing real insight and value for assured decision-making.

As a full research agency, we provide a wide range of qualitative and qualitative research techniques and we always design research solutions that best address your information needs. Check out our most frequent market research services and methodologies and please do not hesitate to contact us, no matter how customized your research needs may be.

Market Research Services:

Usage and Attitudes (U&A)
Understand consumption patterns and trends

In order to get a clear picture of your product category market at a given moment in time, marketscope recommends Usage & Attitude Surveys as a tool for gathering information on market trends (new products / brands developed by competitors, substitute products challenging the position and market share of your products / services) as well as consumer attitudes and preferences towards your product category and the main brands present on the market.

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
Anticipate customer needs and sort out dissatisfaction issues

As it is always easier to retain current customers than to gain new ones, Marketscope helps you assess the satisfaction level of your customers, spot dissatisfaction issues early and sort them out, identify the extra triggers consumers seek to remain loyal to your brand and ultimately increase customer retention. Moreover, customer satisfaction surveys can help you unveil unmet needs and dissatisfaction reasons for your competitors’ customers and design effective strategies to get them switch to you.

New Product Development
Test & fine-tune your new products prior to launch

In a rapidly changing business environment, updating  your product / service portfolio to new market conditions and customer expectations is key to success. Marketscope assists customers in identifying  new product development opportunities and in testing new product ideas / concepts among target customers, both prior and after launch, providing valuable customer feedback and measurables for successful new product development campaigns.

Brand and Advertising Research
Improve the effectiveness of your communication campaigns

Is your new advertising campaign consistent with the overall brand image? Does it actually convey the message you meant? Does it reach the target audience? Does it enhance brand equity? Or is it just unwisely spent money? Marketscope answers all of these questions for you via advertising research methodologies.

Central Location Tests
Feedback gathered from customers while they experience your (new) products

ICentral location tests are an effective way to facilitate exposure of numerous respondents to (new) product concepts or to generate experimental trial of (new) products. Marketscope interviewers collect fresh customer reactions and opinions.

Potential Customer Analysis
Insights into what potential customers seek

Using potential customer analysis techniques, Marketscope helps you identify potential customer segments, profile them and explore their usage / decision making behaviour so that you can design an effective approach for targeting them.

Lapsed Customer Analysis
Enlightening insights into why your customers left

Marketscope understands the importance of customers to your business and is poised to help you identify the reasons why you lost your customers (whether related to your performance or to external reasons), providing the necessary information for you to be able to take measures for improving low performance aspects and raise customer retention.

Mystery Shopping
Objective evaluation of your own or competitors’ customer interface departments

Marketscope designs tailored “mystery shopping” programs to provide you with impartial and discrete assessments of your call centers, sales force, customer care, after sale / warranty services departments or those of your direct competitors. Mystery shopping findings can be used to improve procedures and performance, increase customer satisfaction & retention, better understand strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

Market Segmentation Research
Define, understand and target different customer segments effectively

There are virtually no universal products or services, and that is because people and companies are different and their needs and behavior are different. Identifying needs and recognizing differences between groups of customers is the utmost purpose of segmentation research. Marketscope assists you in defining and understanding your target customer segments so that you can design effective marketing tools to address them. Starting from demographic segmentation research (firmographic for B2B research), up to lifestyle / behavior and needs segmentation research, our team helps you gain useful insights into the various customer groups for your category. 

Positioning vs. Competition and Benchmarking
Improve your positioning & performance vs. competitors

In a highly competitive market environment, building strong, distinctive brands is key to success. Marketscope assists you in differentiating your offer from that of your main competitors by proving reliable research on your brand’s positioning vs. competition and by benchmarking your market (identifying the brand that consumers think of as the “best in class” and positioning your brand against it).

Employee Satisfaction and Motivation
Identify employee satisfaction issues early and take proper measures

If your organization measures its performance not only in sales volume and market share but also in employee satisfaction, Marketscope helps you monitor the level of satisfaction and motivation among your employees, identify issues that generate the decline of these indicators as well as design and implement measures that boost employees’ morale and enthusiasm in working for your company.

Retail Presence and Merchandising Evaluation
Improve the shopping experience of your customers via better in-store presence

Using observational research conducted in retail locations of your commercial partners, Marketscope provides you with an objective evaluation of the efforts of your own or subcontracted teams of promoters and merchandisers. On stock and out of stock information, number of facings and share of shelf space as well as observance of the merchandising rules are valuable information that help you monitor your brand shelf presence as well as reward merchandisers and promoters teams, or even commercial partners, based on their actual performance.

Pricing Research
Determination of price variations influence on customers’ purchase intent

Pricing market research helps you check the validity of certain pricing assumptions (e.g.: how will price change measures influence the purchasing decision and what extra value can be delivered to compensate it). Marketscope pricing research techniques are designed to understand the trade-offs that customers make when selecting and purchasing products and services by using different price sensitivity models and value maps.

Social Research
Testing population attitudes towards social impact issues

Whenever your organization is in need of an objective evaluation of population’s opinions on a certain social issue or wants to assess the need for or the efficiency of a social campaign, Marketscope assists you in reaching your objectives by providing high quality social research studies.

Issue-based Research
Tailor made research to cover your specific information needs

Any specific information need that your organization may have related to the market you are active in or to customers (actual, potential or lapsed) can be addressed by the Marketscope team. We find the most appropriate method or combination of methods to help you better understand your market conditions and consumers.

Market Research Methodologies:

By type of research:

Quantitative Research:

Face to face (PAPI, CAPI)
Reliable customer feedback gathered via F2F interviews

Conducted either on national samples or only in urban or regional samples, face to face interviews allow for reliable data collection. Marketscope has the ability to conduct face to face interviews both paper based or computer assisted (if you need to expose the respondent to large amounts of electronic data and to improve speed of data transfer and processing).

Fast and cost-effective solution to gather customer feedback

Conducted on urban samples (as fixed telephony penetration rate in rural areas is rather low in Romania) CATI surveys allow you to save time and money in the data collection process. Marketscope recommends this research methodology as most appropriate for questionnaires that do not exceed a duration of 20-25 minutes and do not require respondents to be exposed to show cards or other visuals.

Self completion (fax, mail or post)
Low cost solution to get customer feedback

For low budget information needs the self completion methodology is a viable option. Marketscope helps you design a clear questionnaire that can be filled in by respondents individually, arrange delivery of questionnaires to targeted respondents and collection of filled-in questionaires, and analyze the research findings. When using this research methodology, rather low response rates and longer response times should be considered.

Reach busy consumers and professionals through online surveys

Thanks to our virtually global coverage, quality procedures and dedicated samples, we provide our customers with fast, reliable and cost effective internet surveys. We can cover all kinds of groups, including consumers, B2B populations and difficult to reach experts/specialists.

Qualitative Research:

Focus Groups
Insights into respondents minds, while interacting with other people in a moderated environment

Grouping together 4-8 respondents and having them express their opinions on a given subject, while interacting with one another, is a proven method to gather insights into what people think about various products / brands, about new product ideas, new advertising concepts, new packaging ideas etc. Marketscope experienced moderators facilitate your access to respondents’ perceptions, ideas and opinions.

In-depth and pair-depth interviews
Find out more through customized depth interviews

Whenever the issue on discussion is highly sensitive or respondents have strong personalities, have conflicting interests, or are too busy or too far to be gathered into a meeting room in the same day at the same time, in-depth interviews are the solution. Moreover, shared decisions involving couples/family situations require pair-depth interviews. Marketscope qualitative research consultants aim for every piece of information that is important to you and provide reliable analysis of respondents’ answers.

Objective evaluation of customers behavior / retail locations

When you are in need of assessing customer behavior in a retail location, the presence of your products in specified retail locations or even the performance of your merchandising / sampling teams, Marketscope helps you with an objective eye.

By type of respondent:

Business to Business
Feedback from corporate decision makers

Corporate purchases are quite different from individual / household ones, as sometimes the selection of suppliers is based on a thorough analysis of more offers available that are evaluated based on a series of pre-established decision making criteria. The corporate decision making process is more likely to take place in a group than individually. Marketscope helps you investigate corporate purchasing behavior and decision making process on relevant samples for your products/services (by providing highly accurate corporate samples designed in a stratified manner and drawn from the universe of companies active in Romania, broken down by field of activity, number of employees, turnover and city).

Understanding of individual consumers

Individual consumers purchases and decisions are often spontaneous and subjective, based on  moment considerations. Marketscope helps you investigate and understand how consumers think and behave in relation to various product categories.

Expert opinions at an arm’s length

When usage of your products is recommended or even specified by various categories of influencers (doctors, lawyers, architects etc.), marketscope helps you understand the rationale behind their recommendations for a certain product category, brand or supplier.

By interview location:

In – home / office
Respondent feedback gathered in their natural living / working environment

Gathering respondents’ feedback directly from their home / working place is highly convenient for respondents who do not have to make any extra effort to go to a specified location.

Mall intercept / exit poll
Respondent feedback gathered while / after purchasing, consuming / experiencing certain products or services

Gathering respondents’ feedback while or after purchasing / consuming / experiencing certain products or services provides highly accurate data on the decision making process and the purchasing behavior for the present purchase occasion.

In our offices (focus group facility, interviewing facility)
Respondent feedback gathered in a neutral but friendly location

For facilitating respondent interaction or for providing a neutral discussion ground, respondents are invited to our offices for qualitative research discussions (Focus groups and in-depth interviews).