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Business Intelligence

Reliable intelligence gathering to support your business decisions

Our team of seasoned marketing consultants makes use of carefully selected and cross-checked sources of information available, taking an exhaustive and systematic approach that we have refined over the last decade to maximise results.

Depending on the depth of your information needs, we have designed both basic and enhanced  business intelligence services as briefly outlined below:

Basic Business Intelligence Services

Quick solutions to your information needs

Business Intelligence quickly gathered by a dedicated team of market analysts exclusively via desk research techniques from a variety of information sources:

  • Own databases
  • Internet / On-line sources
  • General and specialty press
  • Official statistics (local production, imports & exports etc.)
  • Trade registers and other relevant trade and business databases
  • Business directories
  • Phone / Fax / E-mail inquiries
  • Exploration calls to industry participants and experts

Enhanced Business Intelligence Services

In-depth understanding of your market

Enhanced business intelligence gathered by highly experienced marketing research consultants via a combination of desk research techniques and semi-structured interviews with knowledgeable industry participants.

Depending on the level of project complexity and technicality, we strengthen our project teams with recognized industry experts recruited on a subcontract basis from our wide network of industry contacts.

Basic Business Intelligence Services:

Quick Company Profiling

Better understanding of your industry participants

A snapshot of most relevant current and historical business information, financials and key activities for companies of interest to you (competitors, potential partners & acquisition targets, etc.).

Our standard company profiles usually include key info such as:

  • Contact details
  • Legal status and ownership structure
  • Business description (core and other key activities)
  • Key historical developments
  • Products and services
  • Key financials
  • Key employees
  • Marketing strategy highlights
  • Key strengths & weaknesses
  • Partnerships and alliances
Quick Industry Profiling

A cost-wise solution to explore market opportunities

A quick overview of most relevant industry / market features and developments, key players and market opportunities.

Our standard market profiles usually include key info such as:

  • Estimated market size and historical growth rate
  • Key market developments and trends
  • Degree of market fragmentation / consolidation, leading players and their estimated market shares
  • Merger and acquisition activity
  • Sales & distribution channels
  • Key market drivers and future growth expectations
  • Opportunities and threats
  • Industry associations and relevant authorities
Intelligence Tracking

Support your decisions by monitoring critical issues

A cost-wise tailored monitoring service tracking and summarizing most relevant publicly available intelligence on a chosen issue (markets / industries, competitors, technological trends, economic indicators etc.) on a periodical basis.

Marketscope intelligence tracking is most frequently targeting markets/industries and competitors of our customers, generating valuable feedback in a cost-effective manner:

Industry intelligence tracking:
Stay in touch with your market

  • Market size and share estimates (press releases of key players, excerpts from various studies etc.)
  • Market developments and trends (new market entrants, historical and current growth, structural changes in the market, apparent winners and losers, technological changes, threats and opportunities, taxation and legal changes etc.)
  • Movements of key players (investment projects, entering new markets / new product launches, mergers & acquisitions, partnerships & alliances, participation in trade fairs and exhibitions, new management and other key personnel, major advertising & promotional campaigns  etc.)
  • Financials of key players (turnover, profit & loss etc.)
Competitor intelligence tracking:
Always ahead competition
  • Market share estimates / releases
  • Key company developments and movements into the market (investment projects, entering new markets / new product launches, mergers & acquisitions, partnerships & alliances, participation in trade fairs and exhibitions, new management and other key personnel, major advertising & promotional activities, etc.)
  • Balance sheet financial indicators (turnover, profit & loss, debt, number of employees etc.)
Rapid Response Research

Help right when needed

Whether your in-house research team is overloaded, not available or you are simply lacking Romanian language skills and need to quickly gather market intelligence to support your decisions, contact marketscope and get immediate, one-stop access to a team of highly experienced business intelligence analysts that will provide you with fast, to the point and actionable answers to your questions.

Supplier Screening

Wise sourcing

Marketscope provides you with quick access to properly screened local suppliers that fully meet your technical requirements/specifications. We can quickly identify, profile and select a shortlist of well-qualified suppliers, assess their production and delivery capabilities, review their financials and credentials and obtain quotes for your specific product or service needs.

B2B Sales Leads Generation

Enhance your sales perspectives!

Thanks to our extensive databases of all companies active in Romania, we can quickly deliver lists of B2B sales leads screened based on relevant criteria for your sales needs (turnover, activity codes, no. of employees, city / county etc.). Although our databases are refreshed on a regular basis via various B2B quantitative research projects, we update contact details for each sales lead provided to our customers via on-line checking of business directories and company websites.

Enhanced Business Intelligence Services:

Sector Studies / Market Entry Studies

Fully capture market dynamics

Marketscope‘s team of seasoned business intelligence consultants will assist you in meeting your business objectives by delivering accurate and reliable market analyses and industry insights.

A typical report includes information on:

  • Current market size and historical  growth
  • Market segmentation (by product, region, customers etc.)
  • Usual price ranges and list prices for key players
  • Key market players and their market shares
  • Profiling of key market players (product range, production capabilities, customer portfolio, distribution policy, financial performance etc.)
  • Identification of distribution channels, barriers and opportunities for a new entrant seeking distribution
  • Market opportunities, barriers to entry and critical success factors from the perspective of key industry participants (leading players, wholesalers & distributors, customers and industry experts)
  • Key market drivers and market forecasts for the near future
  • Most relevant legal framework
Due Diligence Support

Make Marketwise Investments

Through our enhanced business intelligence gathering capabilities, we assist clients in quickly identifying and profiling potential targets for mergers & acquisitions. We provide a thorough qualification and ranking of candidates based on reliable intelligence to help you develop an effective strategy and approach.

A typical approach includes:

  • Identification and evaluation of potential targets against your requirements
  • Profiling target companies in terms of performance and capabilities (key financials, technological capabilities, manufacturing capacity, marketing strategy, customer satisfaction and credentials etc.)
  • Ownerships structure, managerial team and their openness to discuss a M&A proposition