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Substantiated advice and guidelines for your company

Based on sound competences, strategic analysis tools and market insights, marketscope’s experienced consultants provide business-wise support to your decision-making process.

Our consulting team delivers valuable market entry strategies, marketing strategies/plans and business plans, successfully assists in accessing non-reimbursable funds, but is also capable to adapt and use its competences and knowledge to solve various other marketing and business-related issues that customers may encounter.

Market Entry Strategy & Support

Successful entry based on local insights & implementation support

After your company  makes the decision of entering the Romanian market based on the valuable assistance of market entry studies, marketscope identifies and evaluates the best alternatives of approaching the market in terms of presence, selection of partners, locating production facilities / offices and implementation of marketing mix.

Our support concludes with an objective analysis of costs and benefits of market entry strategy alternatives which eventually highlights the most feasible ones for obtaining highest return on investment; moreover, we can help in setting up the local office of your company and assist in negotiations with future partners (suppliers, etc.)

Marketing Strategy

Intelligent footsteps towards market success

Based on relevant market research findings, our strategic marketing planning generates the proper targeting and positioning of your products and services on the Romanian market and the best approach for turning the elements of marketing mix into positive market results.

Marketing strategies are the foundation of marketing plans, outlining the implementation of the most effective product, pricing, distribution and communication policies, given market opportunities available, targeted customers and chosen positioning.

Issue-based Marketing Consulting

Qualified local marketing support at your fingertips

Should you have any specific needs for marketing support from our knowledgeable consultants, we will make every effort to understand your problem and provide insightful advice.

Our flexible approach allows you to get problem-solving feedback on your main marketing concerns as well as on other business related issues that would ease your decision making process.

Business Plan

Set business priorities and ease fund raising

Marketing specialists at marketscope clarify and refine your business ideas from the perspective of available market opportunities, your company resources and aimed objectives and eventually create a roadmap for acting effectively.

A business plan usually comprises the following topics:

  • Overview of the business initiative
  • Company’s situation (based on an internal marketing audit)
  • Overview of the targeted market
  • The best ways to act in order to pursue market opportunities and avoid market threats
  • Financial analysis of costs and benefits of the initiative

Finance Raising Assistance

Specialized support in raising financing for your business needs

Our fundraising consultants are ready to support your business development via wise and cost effective financing of your investments from an array of finance sources such as non-reimbursable financing programs, banks and venture capital funds.