By type of research -

By type of research

Quantitative Research


  • Face to face (PAPI, CAPI)
    Reliable customer feedback gathered via F2F interviews

Conducted either on national samples or only in urban or regional samples, face to face interviews allow for reliable data collection. Marketscope has the ability to conduct face to face interviews both paper based or computer assisted (if you need to expose the respondent to large amounts of electronic data and to improve speed of data transfer and processing).

  • CATI
    Fast and cost-effective solution to gather customer feedback

Conducted on urban samples (as fixed telephony penetration rate in rural areas is rather low in Romania) CATI surveys allow you to save time and money in the data collection process. Marketscope recommends this research methodology as most appropriate for questionnaires that do not exceed a duration of 20-25 minutes and do not require respondents to be exposed to show cards or other visuals.


  • Self completion (fax, mail or post)
    Low cost solution to get customer feedback

For low budget information needs the self completion methodology is a viable option. Marketscope helps you design a clear questionnaire that can be filled in by respondents individually, arrange delivery of questionnaires to targeted respondents and collection of filled-in questionaires, and analyze the research findings. When using this research methodology, rather low response rates and longer response times should be considered.

  • On-line
    Reach busy consumers and professionals through online surveys

Thanks to our virtually global coverage, quality procedures and dedicated samples , we provide our customers with fast, reliable and cost effective internet surveys. We can cover all kinds of groups, including consumers, B2B populations and difficult to reach experts/specialists.

Qualitative Research

  • Focus Groups
    Insights into respondents minds, while interacting with other people in a moderated environment

Grouping together 4-8 respondents and having them express their opinions on a given subject, while interacting with one another, is a proven method to gather insights into what people think about various products / brands, about new product ideas, new advertising concepts, new packaging ideas etc. Marketscope experienced moderators facilitate your access to respondents' perceptions, ideas and opinions.

  • In-depth and pair-depth interviews
    Find out more through customized depth interviews

Whenever the issue on discussion is highly sensitive or respondents have strong personalities, have conflicting interests, or are too busy or too far to be gathered into a meeting room in the same day at the same time, in-depth interviews are the solution. Moreover, shared decisions involving couples/family situations require pair-depth interviews. Marketscope qualitative research consultants aim for every piece of information that is important to you and provide reliable analysis of respondents' answers.


Objective evaluation of customers behavior / retail locations

When you are in need of assessing customer behavior in a retail location, the presence of your products in specified retail locations or even the performance of your merchandising / sampling teams, marketscope helps you with an objective eye.