By type of respondent -

By type of respondent

  • Business to Business
    Feedback from corporate decision makers


Corporate purchases are quite different from individual / household ones, as sometimes the selection of suppliers is based on a thorough analysis of more offers available that are evaluated based on a series of pre-established decision making criteria. The corporate decision making process is more likely to take place in a group than individually. Marketscope helps you investigate corporate purchasing behavior and decision making process on relevant samples for your products/services (by providing highly accurate corporate samples designed in a stratified manner and drawn from the universe of companies active in Romania, broken down by field of activity, number of employees, turnover and city).


  • Consumer
    Understanding of individual consumers


Individual consumers purchases and decisions are often spontaneous and subjective, based on  moment considerations. Marketscope helps you investigate and understand how consumers think and behave in relation to various product categories.


  • Expert
    Expert opinions at an arm's length


When usage of your products is recommended or even specified by various categories of influencers (doctors, lawyers, architects etc.), marketscope helps you understand the rationale behind their recommendations for a certain product category, brand or supplier.